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I really appreciate how mindful and considering Daisy Kwok is. When I sent the job application for one of the positions, she promptly gave me feedback on my CV, cover letter. Also, she provided constructive ideas to encourage me to understand my strengths and weaknesses for preparing my video interview. I will definitely recommend her if someone needs career advice.

Stan Chan

Thanks to the Find A Good Boss UK team, it took less than a week to get a job!

Terry Cheng

Knowledgeable consultants patiently explained the career path and the cultural differences in the UK.

John Fong

The Findagoodboss staff were very patient and provided very useful advice in addition to correcting my CV questions!

Wilson Wong

I am a social science student at university and I have no transferable skills for my career.

I have been looking for a job for a fortnight and have not heard anything back, although I know it is not a problem of writing CVs but a lack of interest in my CV. So I tried to send it to Find A Good Boss to check if there is anything to improve in the CV/Cover letter.

I am very glad that I sent it to them, Daisy gave me new perspectives and ideas. For example, I applied for a job as a receptionist but I didn't hear anything back, so maybe I was overqualified and the employer was afraid of changing jobs soon.

Daisy suggested that you can do other related jobs first, and then use design knowledge as an entry point, it is easier to be recruited and you can gain experience, which I had not thought of.

Finally, Find A Good Boss introduced me to a part-time clerical job with a conscientious employer, and I used this job to build a perfect CV in the UK!

I think that even if you think you know how to write CVs and cover letters, you can ask for advice. Take me as an example, I found this PT job by accident, I believe it will be very helpful for me to find a permanent job in the future! ❤️


Y Lee

Ethnic Minority Support

We're proud to have helped over 400 candidates from minority backgrounds find meaningful employment. Our commitment to diversity and inclusivity ensures that we work tirelessly to match the best candidates with the right employers.

Efficient Interview Arrangements

Our expert team has arranged over 120 interviews for our clients, saving them time and resources in the hiring process. With our professional recruitment solutions, we'll take care of the heavy lifting to find you the best candidates.

100+ Employers Trust Us

With a track record of successfully matching talented individuals with employers, we have earned the trust of over 100 companies who have relied on our professional recruitment solutions to build their teams. 

UK's Largest BNO Talent Pool

We're proud to have the UK's largest pool of Hong Kong BNO visa candidates. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion means we're constantly expanding our talent pool to provide you with the best candidates for your business. With our professional recruitment solutions, we'll help you find the perfect fit for your team.

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British School Portal

 Education Consultancy

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Elite Anglo Chinese Services

 Education Consultancy

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Bubblewrap Waffle

Chain Food and Beverage 


Wa Na Hong


Eve Leung, Director

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It’s been great to work with a recruitment platform knowing majority of the applicants are bilingual speakers. I had experience in putting job advertisement on indeed, although you received over 200 CV’s in 5 days, it takes time to screen and Findagoodboss manages to help to find the right candidate in a very short period of time. Also by explaining the job nature that is behind the advertisement via them, you can shortlist candidates quickly.
I manage to fill 2 positions in 2 weeks which is super efficient in UK standard. Thanks again for the work.  


Talent is Colourful

We value diversity and inclusivity, and believe that unique individuals make the strongest teams. Our commitment to equal opportunities means all candidates are welcome, regardless of race, gender, age, or background.

Talent is colorful and diversity leads to success.

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Southeast and East Asian Centre


Largest BNO Visa Talent Pool

Find the top talent from the largest pool of BNO visa candidates in the UK. With diverse backgrounds, skills, and experience, hiring BNO visa candidates will bring a valuable perspective to your team. Let us help you access this talent pool and take your business to the next level.

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