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"A Fresh New Start"

Recent years, thousands of Hong Kong young adults came to the UK under different VISAs, for example the BN(O) Visa, to look for a new and brighter life in the UK. However, not every young adult came to the country with huge sum of resources. "A Fresh New Start" youth employment project, a non-profit-making project supported by At Home Foundations, is here to help those young adults in need to continue their careers in the new place. is a Hong Kong professional youth recruitment social enterprise founded in July 2019 and has served thousands of young adults and handled more than thousands jobs from more than 2,000 employers. Besides Hong Kong, we also have employment projects in the Canada and now in the UK. 

A Social Employment Project for Underprivileged HK Teenagers in the United Kingdom


How to post jobs? 

Receive our E-mail and provide us with your company documents

Our team will contact you and start the matching.

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