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In such an unprecedented time, the economic, social and political situations across the globe, including Hong Kong and the United Kingdom, are undeniably arduous. As global citizens, we experience first-hand the global pandemic along with pressing issues of inequalities, discriminations and the like. This drives us to contribute to the betterment of a free world, a world free from inequalities. This is why we found findagoodboss.UK.


It is also true that new arriving Hong Kongers in the UK face a brand new culture, speak a different language and work in an unfamiliar system. Findagoodboss.UK is founded to facilitate their smooth transition. This is not to say Hong Kongers are narrow-minded or stringent. We have long been proud of our borderless identities, where our diligence, grit and adaptability would surly meet employers’ standards. By this declaration, we hope employers in the UK could provide corresponding opportunities for our fellow Hong Kongers, not only for the sake of their living, but also for nurturing building blocks for your society. Together we could build a better world.

Our Vision

  • To help Hong Kongers finding the right jobs in UK and settle down;

  • To acquire talents for UK companies and sole traders;

  • To promote equal and fair recruitment.

How to post jobs? 

Receive our E-mail and provide us with your company documents

Pay as you go and
your job listing is ready to go

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