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4 types of DBS Check and who need them

Basic: all people can apply

Standard : People working in an NHS setting who have contact with patients (not a healthcare role) - Workforce Type = "Child and Adult Workforce".

e.g.: maintenance workers, engineers, trades persons, catering staff, drivers, porters, cleaners, admin

Apply for a basic Disclosure and Barring Service ( DBS ) check to get a copy of your criminal record. This is called 'basic disclosure'. It costs £18. It's available for people working in England and Wales.

Applicants can't apply for a standard or enhanced check by themselves. This will need to be done through the employer who has asked for a DBS check. Applicants can apply for a basic check by themselves, either directly to DBS via our online application route, or through a Responsible Organisation.

Government Fee costs are as follows:

Basic DBS Check Cost: £18

Standard DBS Check Cost: £18

Enhanced DBS Check Cost: £38

As mentioned, this fee is charged by the UK Government, and is unavoidable (unless it is for a volunteer).

Standard and Enhanced DBS checks:

  1. Start the process: You’ll get a letter or email from DBS or one of our partner organisation (including CQC). You will be asked to provide original documents as part of the process.

  2. Visit a post office: Bring original documents, copies and your application form to a Post Office branch.(Please check which post office supports this service )

  3. Get your copy certified: We’ll confirm that your documents are authentic and that they belong to you.If your documents include photographic evidence (e.g. a passport or driving licence), we’ll even be able to confirm your identity.

  4. Submit application: You then send your completed application form and certified copies back to the DBS or partner organisation.

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